Raam Ras Meetho Ghano


In this song, Kabir asks us to burn down our house. Only then will a new house arise. And the promise of a new house is ‘Raam ras’ – the amazingly sweet nectar of Raam, our actual, inner self. I learnt this song from Mahesha Ram ji and his accompanist Amolak Ram. See more at www.ishqfakiri.com

Main mera ghar jaadiya re, jogiya ji
Liyo paleeta haath
Koi agar jaado ghar aapro re, jogiya ji
Chalo hamaare saath

Raam ras meetho ghano re, jogiya ji
Piye amar hoi jaaye

Ghar jaadyo ghar ubhare re, jogiya ji
Ghar raakhyo ghar jaaye
Ek achambho main joviyo re, jogiya ji
Mado kaal ne khaaye
Raam ras…

Aago re aage dav jade re, jogiya ji
Peechhe hariya hoye
Balihaari un roonkhdi re, jogiya ji
Jad kaatyo phal hoye
Raam ras…

Dhruv piyo, Prahlad piyo re, jogiya ji
Piyo Peepe Ravidas
Bhagat Kabira ras pi rahyo re, jogiya ji
Phir peevan ri aas
Raam ras…

The Drink of Raam

I burnt down my house, yogi
I took up the flaming torch
If you scorch your own house, yogi
Then join me on this walk

The drink of Raam is incredibly sweet
One who drinks it never dies

Scorch the house to make a house arise, yogi
Protect it and it’s gone!
I saw a strange, wondrous sight, yogi
A dead man was eating up time
Incredibly sweet…

    Ahead, a blaze rages, yogi
Behind it, greenery thrives
I saw such a plant, yogi
Cut the root and the fruit revives
Incredibly sweet…

 Dhruv drank it, Prahlad drank it, yogi
Peepa and Ravidas drank it in
Kabir too is drinking, yogi
His thirst as great as it’s ever been
Incredibly sweet…

Translation by Vipul Rikhi


About vipulrikhi

Vipul Rikhi writes, translates, sings, plays and performs. Find some of his songs, poetry, articles, stories and books at https://vipulrikhi.wordpress.com/.
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