Sat re Vachan

Words of truth fill the seeker to the brim; they fill up her every pore. With these beautiful words begins this extraordinary bhajan which we’ve heard from Mooralala from Kutch. It’s a poem by Kheem Saheb, describing the experience of fearlessness once one has drunk from the cup of the Name (one’s own breath?). You can listen to Mooralala’s own rendition on Ajab Shahar here.

Sat re vachan saadhu ko bhar bhariya, ho ji
Bhariya hai taaram taar
Naam ro piyaalo saadhu nirbhay thi piyo, ho ji
Paayo mhaare satguru ae aaj
Surta chadhhi hai aasmaan maan, ho ji

Bhanvar gufa maan dhani mhaaro baithhiyo, ho ji
Bhanvaro kari le gunjaar
Unmuni aasan saadhu mhaara sevta, ho ji
Bhari rahiya hai bharpoor
Naam ro piyaalo…

Vina re vaadadiye veejo khavi rahyo, ho ji
Anhad varsya hai noor
Naam ro piyaalo…

Kheem re khaada vinya nar jhoojhe, ho ji
Bhaan guru bataaya hai bhed
Naam ro piyaalo…

Words Of Truth

Words of truth
Fill the seeker to the brim
They seep into her every pore, oh yes!

Drink fearlessly, seeker
From the cup of the Name
I’ve found my true guru today
Awareness climbs to the sky!
Drink fearlessly, seeker

In a whirling cave, my master sits
Hum and find him out, O bee
Strike an inward-looking posture
Get filled to the brim, oh yes!
Drink fearlessly, seeker

Lightning flashes on a cloudless day
Boundless light showers, oh yes!
Drink fearlessly, seeker

No spear or sword, yet Kheem wages war
My guru Bhaan has whispered the secret
Drink fearlessly, seeker

Translation: Vipul Rikhi and Shabnam Virmani


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